The International Q’eros Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization

Copyrighted by Artist

Copyrighted by Artist

The International Q’eros Foundation was created by Elders of the Q’eros Nation, in consultation with the Pachamama and APUS.  Our projects  are developed under the authority & permission of the President of Hatun Q’eros and the various Provincial Presidents, and Alcaldes of the Q’ero.

All of the Projects are seeded by the Q’ero, and the IQF provides a “vehicle” for manifestation of the Projects into form.

The Q’eros are the bloodline descendants of the High Priests of the INKA. Their ancestors escaped the Spanish Conquest for over 500 years, and only “emerged” from their ancestral villages in the 1950’s.

The vision and purpose of the International Q’ero Foundation (IQF) is to promote and sustain the Andean Cosmovision, the Indigenous identity and culture of the Q’eros Indigenous Peoples of the High Andes for the next Seven Generations.

IQF’s primary goal is to bring life sustaining relief to the Q’eros, while seeding into longevity for the future.

The Foundation will support a variety of projects in the Andes including the support of clean water, solar electricity, short wave radio communication, and education. We support the Q’eros through international gatherings, which provides a forum for them to communicate information and offer transmissions of their lineage to the whole of the Pachamama Earth.

Projects Areas:

Clean water purification systems

Solar powered electricity

The IQF also supports the education of the Q’ero youth in basic academics, becoming proficient in Spanish & English, inclusive of their native indigenous teaching methods.

Solar powered radio-communication systems

The Foundation will organize and promote international conferences for public education, bringing into awareness our evolving consciousness through the Andean Cosmovision and other spiritual and traditional cosmovisions, which are shared in the Unity of the Sun and its lineage.

Mission statement:

The mission of the IQF is to sustain the longevity of the Q’eros Indigenous Peoples of Peru, its native culture and heritage for the next seven generations; through a variety of projects in the Andes and world-wide.