Land of the Eagle 2017: REUNION



 2017 Solar Reunions

We are honored and humbled to announce the Spring Mosoq Reunion with Grandfather Kuraq Allkueq Don Humberto Soncco and Kuraq Don Rolando Soncco this April.



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Please email the local contact directly, listed below to pre-register for any of the Reunion opportunities and offerings. Due to limited space available, our Reunions traditionally reach capacity quickly. We encourage you to email the local contacts early, to ensure your presence with such Masters of Living Energy.

April 6-9- San Ramon, CA (SF Bay area)

pre-registration contact: (this is not a link)

April 6/7th: sessions available

April 8th: AYNI Karpay (Direct Transmission- Reciprocity in & for all dimensions )
April 9th: HATUN Karpay (Direct Transmission of the 4th Sun/4th level of consciousness)

April 13-16 – Nevada City/Grass Valley, CA

pre-registration contact:  (this is not a link)
April 13/14th: sessions available                                                                                                          April 15th: APU Karpay (Direct Transmission of the APUS )
April 16th: ALTO MESAYOQ Karpay (Direct Transmission-HANAQPACHA/upperworlds)


Additional updates and opportunities will be posted as time moves forward.







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