Project Kuyichi

Project Kuyichi 

Rainbow Communication

Kuyichi is a Quechua word meaning Rainbow. A Rainbow serves many concepts within the Q’eros Lineage, one of which is a “bridge”.

Project History: June 2015

The IQF and a crew of Q’eros trekked into the village of Cochomocco, delivering and installing the 3rd shortwave radio system for Project Kuyichi, powered by the Sun. We were led and joined by the President of Hatun Q’eros and the President of Cochomocco.


Completion of connections for the Radio system! photo (copyright) IQF 2015

The Q’ero expressed their deepest gratitude for the opportunity to have the system, which allows a expansion of the communication capabilities within the Hatun Q’eros annexes. The Apu of Huamanlipa sits in the middle of the region with some villages on one side of the Apu and others on the opposite side of the mountain. The placement of this radio system allows connections over the mountain via shortwave, to the other radio systems previously established in Chua Chua and Chaqapata over the past four. Additionally the Q’ero in Cochomocco can also communicate and listen in to the larger world of the Pachamama and her peoples in the Andes and beyond.


Cochomocco Kuyichi Radio System photo (copyright) IQF 2015

Project History: August 2014   

In consultation with the President of Hatun Q’eros, the Municipal authority and Presidents of various annexes,  the next Kuyichi Radio Communication system is intended for Cochamoco.

Project History: June 2012

IQF volunteer Matthew Mueller with technician installing tower

IQF volunteer Matthew Mueller with technician installing tower photo (c) 2012

The IQF traveled to the high villages of the Q’ero Nation with the gifting of the 2nd solar powered shortwave radio system. The village known as Chua Chua received the system, at the request of the Q’ero. We are most honored by all of the contributions and donations to the continuation of this project.

The President of Chua Chua, alongside with Elders of the village and IQF radio technician

The President of Chua Chua, alongside with Elders of the village and IQF radio technician  photo: (c)2012


June 2011:

 This radio is now serving as a “bridge” of Unity, through communication to the outside world from Chaqapata.

School of Munay Tika, located in Chaq’apata with IQF Radio System June 2011-                  IQF (c) 2011

In June of 2011, the IQF visited the community and presented a complete short-wave radio system, powered by the Sun. We were graced with a wonderful technician, whom was able to explain the usage and other particulars to the community members. The Q’eros met us with horses and a caravan to transport the equipment up to the high Andes, with excitement and anticipation of manifesting this dream.

The solar panel also provides some ample electricity for evening use of the radio, as the Q’ero communicate outside their community.

An evening call is received from Q'osqo, asking for family members

An evening call is received from Q’osqo, asking for family members.  IQF (c) 2011

The radio system provides communication for four surrounding provinces or annexes of the Nation. It resonates with Unity amongst the communities of Q’ero, whereas before- several hours were needed on trails to communicate emergencies, celebrations or simply connect with extended family. The system can reach Cuzco and all of South America!

All whom donated  have made such a difference in the lives of so many!

Several Q’ero were trained in basic functions of the system. We ensure monitoring and maintenance of the system during our  visits.