Project Ch’uya Unu(Pure Water)


Project Chu’yu Unu

Clean Pure Water

(c) Q'ero village

A Primary aspect of the IQF Mission is to support the longevity and health of the Q’ero people. This longevity is rooted within the physical health of the families within the annexes or communities. Health of the human body is rooted in water. The essence of clean and pure water is essential for optimum health as the body is over 70% water.

All annexes or provinces of the Q’eros Nation utilize river water for their primary needs. Cleaning, bathing and drinking are sourced at various rivers, which serve as point of source contact for the water.

The Q’ero have requested help.

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The goal and intention for This project is to procure, and provide clean water systems/devices for the villages and families of the Hatun Q’ero Region. We seek partnerships with other ngo’s, organizations and companies with their expertise of such systems that could be solar powered, user friendly and long lasting with minimal maintenance and technical difficulties.

Such devices will support self sufficiency in the villages; which have no access to electrical power or clean water. Coupled with efficiency in output and constructed in long lasting materials, such systems can continue production in extreme weather and climate.

UNU source for a vilage (c) 2011 IQF

Sacred Unu (c) 2011 IQF

The intention of the project is for All Persons of the Hatun Q’ero Region to  have access to pure water, for all needs of life.

To ensure functionality and servicing of the devices or system, the IQF will monitor and maintain during future visits. Additionally, technicians will train and translate to community members, to upkeep and basic operations of the water purification developed for this project.