Project K’anchay (Illumination)


 Project K’anchay

The IQF and the Q’ero, have developed a project that will provide for solar electricity and a small battery charger, for each family in the six annexes that create Hatun Q’eros. The annexes include, Chua Chua, Cocchamoco, Chimanchipana, Hatun Q’eros, Hatun Ruchimiyok, and Chaqapata.

For hundreds of years, the Q'ero have only used candles for light at night

The Q’ero traditionally use candles for light (c) IQF 2013


PROJECT UPDATE: In June of 2015, lights were delivered to each of the annexes with the Hatun Q’eros region. All of the registered families received “light” for the first time in their experience.


Deep thanks and gratitude to all of the supporters of the Q’ero whom sponsored a family and to those who sponsored many families! We, as an organization are deeply humbled. The lights were received with many tears of Joy and Happy Hearts.


photo (copyright) IQF 2015

The unit for this project is from the American company, D-Light.  It is rugged- all weather- and comes with a warranty. Currently the unit is being utilized in several other Andean Communities with great success. This durable solar light and company was brought to our attention through the efforts of a dedicated individual.

Since the origination of the IQF with the Q’ero, “light” has always been a goal, communicated by the various Presidents, Elders and formally requested to manifest.


photo (copyright) IQF 2015

As the years continue forward and the numbers of families increase in the villages, we will continue to provide opportunities for sponsors to gift “Light” for the new families. Please check back with us in spring of 2016 for an update on current number of new families, since implementation of this project.




The Q’ero, do not experience the everyday blessing of light when the sun is not shining, as we do in the Western World. They seek the ability to have “light” or illumination, for many reasons. Light can provide general safety and simplify cooking at night. It can also assist the children doing their homework and completing studies. In countless ways, light is essential.


Kanchaychi! (c) IQF 2011